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Black Lives Matter 
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Homo Sapiens 

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As you tour through my portfolio, you may notice that my photography is often accompanied by varying forms of poetry. I have found that while my photos can document travels about the world and even advocate for various environmental issues, my poetry can serve as a more impactful form of caption, appealing to the same side of emotions and art as photography. Along with their poems, some collections have blogs written about them, for a more in-depth look at the experiences behind creating the artwork seen on this site. This is a new technique to harness the feelings I've come across in my journey, so I hope you enjoy!

(all photography and poetry used on this site are original)


Payton Pan


"To me, this art form is so rewarding because it allows us to preserve time."

 - Excerpt from the recent blog


Payton Schreiber-Pan 


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