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What Are PhotoVerses?

As you tour through my portfolio, you may notice that my documented travels about the world come in the form of photographs, each accompanied by a short, three-lined poem. This is a new way to capture the feeling and situation of each piece rather than captioning it. Along with their poems, some collections have blogs written with them, for a more in depth look at the experiences behind creating the artwork seen on this site.

All Photography and Poetry used on this site are original.

"After 200 yards I stopped and turned around, met with the view. The perfect view. There was no place in the world at that moment with a better view than where I was standing. And I was the only one who got to see it. I was VIP to the art show God put on every morning. But as a mule deer stared at me from behind a shrub 30 feet to my right, I realized this morning was unlike any other morning. I will never look at a sunrise the same way in my life. I knew that pictures could not do it justice, but not to try would be to insult Mother Earth. As I was met with the 'Aurora of Daybreak.'"

 - Excerpt from the recent blog


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