The Heron

2.6 blue herron.jpg

For me, an early morning swim,

Gliding my lens towards the heron,

But for her, just breakfast time...

Enjoying the Wind

1.3 panning.jpg

A wisp of feathers glides along Shenandoah,

As the whitewater below her talons blurs, 

Searching for for food, or just enjoying the wind...



Take a break from wreaking havoc,

Settle the flock down to feed,

Have a fleeting peace in this commotion...

Death Trap

white throated sparrow.jpg

A corpse,

finding rest beneath the glass;

A martyr,

joining thousands of dead brethren;

A symbol,

proof against those who allow this to keep.


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Feathered Serenade


She cures the monotany that plagued his every day,

He takes her warmly into every cold night with a feathered serenade,

As they drift together endlessly across rainy shallows...

Bird Banding

cardinal in net.jpg
kewa profile (2).jpg
Kentucky Warbler.jpg

A Northern Cardinal and Kentucky Warbler are caught for banding

in a longitudanal bird migration analysis based out of

Eden Mill Park in Maryland.


Each Majestic Feather

Patterns sprawl out across each majestic feather,

Organically unique prints fractal outwards,

A michrochasm of the world's beauty...

Beaded Eyes, Stretched Talons


Shadows on the ceiling and fethers through the air,

A cacophony of beaded eyes and stretched talons keep watch in two manifestations,

A ruthless scavenger and the messenger of the unwanted depths...