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Black Lives Matter

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Portrait of Change

(featured in the Reginald F. Lewis museum of African American History & Culture)

Portrait of Change.jpg

Liberty and Justice for All

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No Justice, No Peace

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Silence is the goal of the oppressor

So we march

We march screaming

Loud enough

To make our voices transcend

thier boundaries

And still we are not heard

Yet we march

We march because we are anchored

To the pavement of the streets

The streets that run bloody

Until the fight is won

But victory is not our goal

Still we march

We march with millions of children

Finding strength in unity

Born out of cause

To seek forgotten justice

Until we are allowed to laugh again

We cannot laugh now

We cannot laugh

because we are scared

The darkness brings out a reflection

A reflection our eyes strain away from

But it pierces

through the clouding vision

And so we march

To make art not war

For out of art comes peace

I marched the streets of Baltimore

To give you

My portrait of change

A Dark Reflection

5. a dark reflection FINAL.jpg
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