After Dark - World at Night

Beauty in the Darkness

As life on Earth sleeps silently,

The blue curtains are drawn,

And we join the universe...

Night Light

Fire light trickles up to warm the night air,

Caressing treetops with golden light,

Watching stars fall through sky's tattered sheet...

Silent Reflection

A lake silenced by the fall of night,

Must only listen for the sounds of life,

Life that arrives only after the milky way rises above...

Bayside Illuminations

As the wooden pier juts out into the Chesapeake,

A ballet of pyrotechnics ascends into darkness,

Rivaling the splendor of a setting sun...


Embers from the last day burn out slowly,

Leave the warmth of the fire for the warmth of your tent,

It beckons you to prepare for a new day...

Soft Horizon

Another long night begins,

Marked by horizon's fading glow,

A time honored tradition...

© 2020 by Payton Schreiber-Pan

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