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Down South

Follow the Path

Even when the path is

washed over with danger,

Take a bold step

into the unknown,

That the waters might

bleed into your sore feet...

Ancient Waters

Long before time began,

Waters spilled over these rocks,

Creating an artist's aqueduct...

Day in the Life of a Pier

Darkness flees a sleeping pier,

As the waves ready to meet the day,

Until the sun fades and the credits begin to roll...

Nature's Edifice

nature's edifice.jpg

Follow the fractyled branches

into the sweeping limbs,

Until you find the heavy

rings of time,

And realize you are long outlived

by Nature's edifice...

Munson Island, Key West


The sailboat disappears, searching for the death of a rubicon,

As we float our livings towards mounds of reeking sargasm,

Surrounded by the immortal film of the sea...

Photo: Fragile System     Poem: A Letter to Mr. Musk

fragile system.jpg

When our doctor ends his love song

And all these sirens sit and stare

“If we don’t find green in this basin

There must not be any there”


I can’t hear the logic of these men

When they seek their first steps elsewhere

Trying the moon landing over again

So we all can watch one foot and cheer


If this much attention were brought

To one or each of our steps on Earth

Maybe we could change things

Maybe we could find rebirth



Because it isn't Mars that holds the grass

The mountains and valleys full of it

It isn't Mars with water that will last

So you can all stop searching for it


Watch a waterfall’s flow or listen to the bird’s song

Feel in the tree’s bark for each subtle pause

And then tell me

That we’re a lost cause

Wind Riding, Water Still

Spanish moss rattles through spring air,

Allowing the wind to manifest itself as palpable,

As it rides rays of sunlight over the effulgent bridge...


Coursing over the edge,

Falling down times three,

The Trifecta...

Grandfather Mountain

Grandfather Mountain watches the valley below with a stern visage,

Grandmother Sky opens herself to a new visitor,

Who is intent on listening to the ways of Mother Earth...



Muddy waters jog through a Carolina floodplain,

Giving the trees a place to drop thier shadows,

A symbiotic love for all to enjoy...

congaree 2.jpg

Behind the Falls


Chase the promenade around rivers and streams,

Follow its curves down behind the falls; a wonderous sight,

Meant not for me, but for the adventurer's spirit...

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