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excerpt from “The Nun”


Of the five sisters, Josie seemed to love their dog the most. She protected him like kin whenever Kathryn tried to use his thigh as a pillow or stool. Kat could be wild like that- and full of surprises. It could be argued however, that Florence was the sister who held the most affection for old Buster, even if she knew not how to show it. Always next to Kat, Florence seemed always to wear the same faded emerald dress, every day until either Josie or their mother made her change out of it. I would presume that Florence attained her quiet and unprodding sense of affection from their father, who blurred the line between introversion and mental illness. And also alcoholism. But despite his condition, the large amount of wealth he brought into the home gave all the girls plenty of care and opportunity. And in any case, most of the fathering seemed to be done by a friend of their father’s, the painter. An introvert himself, the painter hadn’t left Gratrafe in years.

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