Mountain Bowl


When they fell into the crystal waters,

A bowl of mountains came apart at the seems,

Thier reflections now echoing a blurry sky...

Church Towers

10. Munich 1.jpg

Shadows plummet from

the dual church towers


the one way flow, to the depths

of the morning commute,

And the traveller's

drenched in it's shadow...

Alpine Hut

hut sunset.jpg

As the sun shatters down over the mountains,

An alpine hut basks in the last flicker of the evening light,

Ready to depart its visitors and relive the day...

Mountain Mirror

25. lof bnw.jpg

Jagged boulders crest atop a mountain lake,

Whose waters have been calmed by the wind's ciesta,

The Range's midday chance to gaze upon its mirror image...

Midnight River


City lights spread thier wings to the wind,

Carried across the midnight water,

To float along to a golden castle...

Castle Walls on an Angry Sky

Castle walls reach up

towards an angry sky,

While clouds spread

across it like weeds,

In trepidation of

the coming history...

4. Landsberg 4.jpg

Old and Mighty

13. lake 4.jpg

A land with a life of low variability,

Sees the same rains leave behind another lake refill,

That sends up a strained reflection of the old and mighty...



The corner of a block whose past extends beyond the tri-dimensional world,

Shows a dying breed of architecture, lost in perception,

Yet preserved by the helping hands of time...

Villach in the Morning

16. morning 1.jpg

Sunrise dawned on a small Austrian village,

Highlighted by the streaks of early morning traffic,

At the edge of the Alpine realm...

Mushroom Hunter


An aging man enters

the moist woods of Bavaria,

A mushroom hunter from his youth,

when Mushroom Inc. provided survival,

He is seasonally aided by the dry morning sun,

who pours through the trees, watching on eagerly...

Giant's Bathtub

6. Mountain bowl gradient.jpg

Subtle waves lap against the ship's bow

like clear blue contour lines,

As we sail through

the Giant's bathtub,

Watching peaks fade away

into a dark mist...

Lake Bled

7. tele.jpg
30 cont..jpg
1. Lake Bled.jpg
20. cont.jpg

Triglav National Park

7. mountains and meadows.jpg
29. Strawberry Fields Forever.jpg
51. hut windmill.jpg
14. triglav.jpg
44. c3.jpg


DSC01461 copy.jpg
DSC01527 copy.jpg


8. church veiw.jpg
14. Obersee cont..jpg
16. obersee continued.jpg

Stay tuned... more to come!