Homo Sapiens

The Break

The hustler is driver behind the wheel of his cue,

His gloved hand guides its gentle rocking,

Until it is sent whipping through another rack...

Hard Days

The monkey sits each evening in the river,

The human just a monkey in science,

The hard days come to make us feel it...


You walk down the street with camera in hand,

You see him on a streetlight and say,

Who is that man...

Above the Void

Working up hold by hold,

Rising up fall by fall,

To stand above the void...

Ships on the Horizon

You say thier ships are on the horizon,

But we can see through yours,

The horizon is home only to angels...

Dealer's Bliss

The gambler is blinded by his greed,

Muted by the battle of risk and luck,

Forced to surrender to the will of the table...

Slab of Granite

Following a trail of cracks,

To be dwarfed by a slab of granite,

And overlook the beauty of the Mother's work...

© 2021 by Payton Schreiber-Pan

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