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Loch Raven

Top: Seasons     Bottom: Water Colors

4 SEASON.jpg
Water Colors.jpg

We must take a break every now and again,

Stop swaying through a blurry world,

And find clarity in our reflection...

Top: Spirit Lake     Bottom: Surrender

wide angle.jpg

A sullen lake for what is relying?

One steady rock, a perch providing.

An island afloat, the world presiding...

bright red.jpg

The sky fights a bloody fight at each day's end

But never wins.

Stabbed by fiery sun with all its leftover passion

Twists in the knife before everything

Fades to black.

School Can Wait

Loch Raven Sunrise.jpg

It's a torture

To every day pass by

A wondrous sunrise

Twinkling waters and golden-lit leaves

To drive by

Without crunching on falling twigs

Without dipping my hands in the supple waters

Without knowing

What she may hold for me today

To discover

You know what?

School can wait.

Welcome to the Reservoir


Loch Raven is a reservoir in Baltimore County, Maryland.

Not only do its glassy waters supply for Baltimore City drinking,

but they also provide a perfect habitat for a wide range of animals,

from White-tail deer to Smallmouth bass to Cormorants.

Traveler's Bodyguard

Bridge Long Exposure.jpg

Stacked triangles rust horizontally,

Caught in the grasp of green and darkening time,

A traveller's bodygaurd...

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