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62. a.jpg

Of the Mountain,
Not the Sabbath

A horned beast stands gingerly atop a steep cliff face

Prepossessing against all  odds

Is it


This... thing

That can run up a 5.10c

And back down again if the grass looks good enough

But yes, he surely is.

Chestnut fur combed neatly across a petite yet muscular build

And deep eyes holding a wealth of coffee and chocolate

Esteem danced with awe across those wide and wild eyes

When we met atop that Slovenian summit...



It's that time of year where fresh new fuzz

Tops off his every antler

Yet his hollow eyes haven't found what was 

Calling him to land her

So as he steps through the light into a world new

He remembers to lay low

There's time still before he'll have to

Settle with a lucky doe

Mama Bear

6.1 mama bear.jpg

Plundering the forests for our trash left behind,

Building up a fire in her cubs that will burn them down,

Showing us what happens when we can't leave no trace...

A Wide Domain


Can you spot the mammal in this frame

whose jurisdiction is a wide domain

extrapolating into unknown fame?

Deer  Diptych  No. 55


Winter Whitetails dance through falling snow,

He pauses to take in Deb's Raspberries,

While the rest blow through the essence of my mind...

This Poor Cow

2. cow 1.jpg

Flies. Lots of Flies.

Universal Love

3.13 duo deer.jpg

As I stumble upon two lovers in courtship,

They pause their tango to look me over,

Noticing the translucence of the universal language...

The Hound


The Hound keeps watch

over all passers by,

Her voice quivers

under the weight of fear,

Ultimately hard of

a relaxing piece of mind...

Feline Friends

cat face.jpg
new size.jpg
2. Miley Portrait.jpg
3. Chica Portrait.jpg

John, Paul, George & Ringo


Sky Crossed Lovers

High in the Slovenian Alps, several herds of sheep

have free reign, usually staying nearby the staffed

huts, where they receive the occasional hiker's

back rub and leftover kale. Sometimes though,

they enjoy finding a private spot to sit and talk and watch

the jets go by. Just kidding, no one likes kale. 

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