Mama Bear

6.1 mama bear.jpg

Plundering the forests for our trash left behind,

Building up a fire in her cubs that will burn them down,

Showing us what happens when we can't leave no trace...

Universal Love

3.13 duo deer.jpg

As I stumble upon two lovers in courtship,

They pause their tango to look me over,

Noticing the translucence of the universal language...

Deer  Diptych  No. 55


Winter Whitetails dance through falling snow,

He pauses to take in Deb's Raspberries,

While the rest blow through the essence of my mind...

The Hound


The Hound keeps watch

over all passers by,

Her voice quivers

under the weight of fear,

Ultimately hard of

a relaxing piece of mind...

cat face.jpg

Feline Friend