Water Colors

We must take a break every now and again,

Stop swaying through a blurry world,

And find clarity in our reflection...

Spirit Lake

A sullen lake for what is relying?

One steady rock, a perch providing.

An island afloat, the world presiding...

Ocean's Reach

Reaching out to where the water meets the sky,

The blue horizon that sways steadily at the ends of the Earth,

Dissappearing before you both can meet...

Bridal Pedals

At the end of the aisle she waits,

Letting the sun adorn her pedals while all the grapevines watch,

Waiting to walk up and show him how beautiful she can be...

Spring Jetty

The dock sits patiently through the water's rush,

Time's tides lift him up and set him down,

As he remains a steady force through the waves...

Eternal Gravity

The rising and falling of the whitewater's tides,

Grown in the shadow of greater turbulence,

Of water kept in eternal gravity...

Pastel Potomac

Fall colors hide behind morning fog,

Before the sun reaches out to reveal Autumn warmth,

Across the Potomac...

First Light

The elegance of first light on the water,

Seen reflected in the eyes of the hills,

Who's grace meets the dawn first each morning...

Stony Bridge

A stony bridge can overlook the evidence,

Of summer heat and winter chill,

As the last of the stream trickles away,

Only to return the year over,

Hidden rocks exposed from months past,

Only to be drowned by the melt of the newfallen snow...

Deities of Summertime

As life begins to cloud like an oil painting,

We reflect on simple sand and surf,

Deities of Summertime...

Eden Mill

Evening's twig flows along the river,

Cascading down the water dappled slope,

Sent in care of a gentle dam...

Traveller's Bodygaurd

Stacked triangles rust horizontally,

Caught in the grasp of green and darkening time,

A traveller's bodygaurd...

© 2021 by Payton Schreiber-Pan

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