Consistent Chaos

The turbulence of a furious river is stilled,

Made laminar only by the hands of time,

Exposing hidden depths of consistency...

Circle of Life

Life rising out of darkness,

Like smoke from a flame,

And so the cycle continues...

The Flame

The current of the flame,

Flying towards a a blanket of darkness,

Bearing witness to these melting logs...

Haiku on the Rocks

I am on the rocks,

Where the water meets the air,

Until tide arrives...


The clock warns of its final hour,

A last chance to come together,

Before the divide is familiar...


The day years ago a country found structure,

The structure that held sturdy until now,

When we dare to look it in the eyes...

Dark River Valley

Shadows trip over the opacity of the morning,

Only minutes before God pours through the valley,

While the trees an I wait on sunrise...


Window frame does not commute yet still he waits,

Each day losing patience for Amtrak he grows older,

The hours tiring, stillness that has shattered his panes...


What can become of an unsuspecting hedge,

In the night, the Mecca of lights unknown,

Housing an unidentified disturbance, buried in the fog...

© 2021 by Payton Schreiber-Pan

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