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People at Night

Nights on the Beach

nights at the beach.jpg

Hot summer air gives way to cool darkness,

Stars pierce through the lights of the city,

Catching nights on the beach...

Lines Through the Dust of Night

Campsite Frontal.jpg

The caravan arrives to make camp,

Racing to set down sanctuary,

Left in the dust of night...

Moon in the Window


Sailing through the abyss,

Of time ringing past ancient stars,

While echoes of a faint light mirror clapping hands...

White Fire

me beach.jpg

I sit mesmerized by the vastness of the ocean,

Branded by the white fire of the moon,

Two old friends whose relationship I struggle to contemplate...

Lights, Old and New


The bustle of an ocean front property is silenced by nightfall,

The fading illuminations of background buildings,

Matched by the oldest light known to man...

Whispers of Night, Screams of Man

Where's Tommy Edited.jpg

Chaos forms deep in the throws of darkness,

Under the whispers of night,

And screams of man...

Tangled in the Night

mixed final.jpg

The campfire takes light from a ghost's reflection,

While we sleep under shadowed stars with the lady of the night,

Writhing the veil of darkness into a tangled twist...

Generational Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody Edited.jpg

The world waits behind us,

Smooth like a rhapsody,

As our layer waits on you...

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