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Eskimo Television | Advancing Photography through the Art of Shelter Building (PART II)

Last November, I wrote a behind-the-scenes piece about 'On Water and Air,' in an attempt to express how building shelters can actually aid photography. I included a small tipi and a large A Frame in short stories about my experiences with both landscape and wildlife photography. This is a sequel, so I'd check that one out first if you havnt already.

I feel obligated to write this second piece, but I'll keep it short. My photographical ventures recently took me to new heights in the art of shelter building, reaching one of the most elusive and occult shelters to be built (especially in Maryland). I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

I have yet to do any wildlife photography in the Arctic, but this igloo did make it into my 'World After Dark' collection:

Onwards to greater ventures in the field...

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