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The Ascent

What does it take to ascend a mountain?

39. repel 1.jpg
41. repel 2.jpg

Some say it takes a trained knowledge

of the ropes and anchors

42. reelin in the years.jpg

Others say it takes a natural courage and will of mind

44. needed crampons.jpg

Others still say ascending a mountain takes nothing more than a good pair of boots

50. color.jpg

I say the ascent will take a special type of person

16. t2.jpg

Not he who begins to run for the summit

20. up b.jpg

Or he who takes the turtle's pace

22. climbing.jpg
23. ledge.jpg

But rather, the one who would edge a cliff without looking down

26. climb color.jpg

Who would continue upwards as new heights continue to unfold

32. trio.jpg

The one who fills their eyes with beauty

34. trio higher.jpg
37. jessie.jpg

Their minds with a gritty determination

57. goga.jpg

And their hearts with peace


These are those who the mountain will cherish

62. b.jpg

And who will cherish the mountain-  forevermore

62. z.jpg
35. cont.jpg
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