last tree in tx.jpg

Empty fields give solace to a

house of old and its strained trees,

Its eyes cracking and teeth rusting,

Debris from rubble

and ashes from cinders...

abandoned bnw.jpg

(Green Future) Grim Present

SiRe 1.jpg

It takes strength to stand against the times.

And ignorance too...

Lethal Beauty

The invigorating yellow of

cacti in bloom,

A lethal beauty

drawn with deadly spines,

It's treachery a manifesto of

nature's ruthless power...

cactus bloom full.jpg

Desert Stairs

Chasing the horizon past arrays of mesquite,

While rusty rails fail to bounce the invasion of cacti,

And shadows streak up towards an endless sky...

pollen was my name at starbucks.jpg

Melancholy of the First Degree

lake le.jpg

Before the clouds give way to a catharsis of blinding sunshine,

The basal greens stare down into shallow depths,

Finding melancholy of the first degree...