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Spirit Valley-2.jpg

Aurora of Daybreak

Sit and watch the world spin through spirit valley,

Force me to slow my pace and match hers,

Before we are met with the aurora of daybreak...

Cowboy Church

Cowboy Church-2.jpg

As the sun sets on a lonesome desert,

The cowboy rests his wild spirit,

Until tomorrow...

Evolutionary Earth

1- River canyon final.jpg

The evolution of a canyon,

Worn down by passing rains,

Until roots sink in...

Explosion of Sunlight


The silhouettes dance on a cliff, greeted by an explosion,

The explosion of sunlight, dripping off the horizon,

To be filtered before returning tomorrow...

Touch of Morning


Light cascades into my hand,

As the sun begins ascending into view,

And my fingers meet the touch of morning...



The shaking of the grasses in the morning breeze,

Lets loose the wispy sound of wind to enter,

Into tango with the birdsong of the country air...

Desert Mazes

Dead Horse.jpg

A labyrinth of vistas snaking wildly,

Each one a maze of valleys running,

Along the alien scape of red rock...

Sun Cave

Sun Cave.jpg

The darkness of a sullen cave,

Makes its departure once a day,

When all is aligned...

Lizard King


You best watch where you're walking,

The rocks around here are my terrain,

I'm the f*cking lizard king...



The hilly summits watch traffic from above,

Yearning for a simpler time before greeting and intrusion,

When time passed easily on the valley below...


tree (website edit).jpg

Sunset spans a field of telepathy the world over,

Consisting of subterranean expanses and chemical airways,

Who's cheif can finally meet with the main ingredient...

therapy tree (website edit) (2).jpg


I squeeze past a man twice my size to find the middle seat

And let my tired body sink down into it without care

On top of the metal buckle that my hand will have to reach 

around for, searching like the tentacle of an octopus for which side is where

Oreoed between two strange humans is not where most people thrive

At least I like to think I do

Watching as the attendants board their invisible craft and drive

Miming seatbelts, exits, masks, babies, shoes

Waiting for departure leads me to look around

To the men and women that undergo this same journey as me

We will move together through time and space, miles off the ground

Could their purpose be the same as mine?

As the gravity around me shift ever so slightly

And I feel the movement more than see it

The hair around my neck perks up and my stomach condenses tightly

Not out of fear, but excitement

To what new place will this middle seat lead?

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