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Worldly Mornings

Touch of Morning


Light cascades into my hand,

As the sun begins ascending into view,

And my fingers meet the touch of morning...

Passing Waves

Passing Waves final.jpg

As tides roll up the sandy beach each morning,

A family of rocks are met with the fluid greeting of passing waves,

Soft waves that prove the morality of rock's strength...

On Water and Air

Broad Creek Morning 1.00.jpg

When light first exposes morning on the lake,

Fog is caught climbing on water and air,

Giving breathe to a new scene entirely...

Lakeside Hills


Wind clears a path through cloudy sky,

For sun to rise through the hills,

As water reflects its bending light...

Morning Light


The waves rejoice as a long night ends,

She rises again to warm their crests,

Before they come to rest below the sandy dunes...


sprit final.jpg

A burning night has faded,

Allowing rays of spirit to make their descent,

Coming together in a concerto of morning light...

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