West Virginia


The Station

After hours of waiting, the station greets her train,

A patient paramour left alone all too often,

Until the distant whistle blows once more...

Deceitful Waters

River waters calmest just before the swifts,

A good place for us to watch the rafters,

Unriled by the champion of deceit...

Alive in a Fairytale

Some say our path is chosen for us,

Perhaps the biggest divergence is to enjoy it,

Once upon a time...

Gorilla Rock

Beyond Gorilla Rock, meaning pours away by the gallon,

Creating arrays of beauty that can't be touched,

So feed not Gorilla Rock...

Nature's Masterpiece

Colors spread pastel under this, my bridge,

Acoustics rising up from the band to meet you,

So sit and watch nature's simple masterpiece...


Build yourself a bridge that can dwarf you,

Become a bug and crawl across to new lands,

Your bridge will stand much longer than you...

The Ballad of Ramblers

At the crossroads of a diaspora of passengers,

Flying along to the next stop, the next road sign,

Wondering what might be their bed tonight...

Depth of Blue

Boats streak across the depth of blue,

The rocks have risen now, but will fall again,

When the dam is released...

Liquid Burdens

Each day life gifts you the obstacles of the river,

Slip off the heavy pack you've been asked to carry,

Learn from the waterfall, letting these cares wash away...

Water Under the Bridge

Water under the bridge,

But none is forgotten,

A price waiting to be realized...

© 2021 by Payton Schreiber-Pan

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