Brood X : 2021



After having been underground for up to 17 years, Magicicada juvenilles dig themselves out and climb up onto a neaby tree or similar protrusion to begin molting thier shell. This teneral juvenille is currently undergoing ecdysis, the molting process, and must let it's wings dry and skin harden before continuing on it's journey.

Circle of Life

sunset cicada.jpg

A lonely shell clings to the circle of life,

Watching its past climb far into the distance,

As the music begins to fade...

Grain of Sand

A grain of sand,

Sans lonliness,

Part of an invasion

Extending far beyond its frame,

Once in 17,

One in a million...


Left: Cicadas eyes are infamously beady and bright red. Or are they?

These cicadas also have three Ocelli, or smaller eyes, in between the two large eyes. They blend in and are hard to notice, but become immensely useful to cicadas in low light.

Right: An adult male magicicada in the middle of a peaceful meditation. Cicadas can be sexed based on the shape of thier abdomen as well as by thier call.


Left: An adult male waves to the camera

Middle: This cicada climbs higher in the tree, seeking a mate

Bottom: Cicada high up in a Pine

upside down.jpg
high up.jpg

The Duplication (of Mating)


The duty to transcribe

oneself in verbatim,

What only can trump

the pursuit of happiness,

The priorities that lie

between your world and mine...