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What Goes Up Must Come Down


5. halie on p3.jpg
11. repel 1.jpg

Around the halfway point of multi-pitch climb in Harper's Ferry, WV, first climbing up, and then, inevitably rappelling down.

Dirtbag Days: Live to Float

Driving home from another day of indoor lead,

I notice some leftover chalk from my nails

land on the leather of my steering wheel cover. I thought

I’d washed it all off, but the water-

This is the first time it hasn’t rained on my way home from 

climbing all week. I guess after I’m done passing

the wheel cover’s thread through each of my nails

to get out the rest of the chalk, I should

roll down the window. 


At the stoplight, I take turns stretching out

each arm. As I pull back my fingertips,

fiery claws try to take my muscles

but I don’t let them. The pain feels good, and it’s

funny to see my veins pop out so far.

Green light.


My right hand takes the wheel as my left comes up above to

hold the roof of the car outside the window.

The wind that passes through the sleeve of my shirt

feels nicer than imagined. My right hand

is in charge of directing every pound of this vehicle,

but that doesn’t stop it from seceding into its

natural state. It finds that shallow opening between

3 and 5 on the wheel and meticulously stacks my right thumb,

the fatter of the two, creating a beautiful hand jam.



my left hand latches on to the thinly raised edge

that runs the length of the car roof on each side. It’s only

something like two-eighths of an inch,

and yet I feel as if I’m being lifted out of my seat.

Maybe there’s pressure on the wheel. There must be.

But no, that’s pressure on the wheel.

And suddenly,

I’m floating.

Second Ascent


Slab of Granite

Following a trail

of cracks,

To be dwarfed by

a slab of granite,

And overlook the beauty

of the Mother's work...

diptych 2.jpg



     After strapping up, I give my hands a solid clap.

     Clouds of white.



     My knuckles hurt and my hip shouldn’t have bent that way.

     But it’s a game of inches.



     The muscles in my arms are trapped in a tight cage.

     They’re plotting an explosive escape.



     I’ve worked so hard just to reach my fingertips over this sloper.

     And now they’re slipping.



     One by one, the past draws blur through my eyes.

     I’m falling



Big Wall Romance

3. big wall romance.jpg

New fiancees Sebastian and Halie take a moment to check

each other's knots before sending the next pitch; backs turned

to the Potomac and Susquehanna rivers.


Earth Treks  (Above the Void)


Working up hold by hold,

Rising up fall by fall,

To stand above the void...


2. BHB Climb 2 (1).jpg

Self Portrait atop a single pitch crag in Badheilbrunn, Germany-

an easy warm-up route.

A Day in the Life- the Grind Never Stops

10.1 bouldering gym.jpg

A climbing-based camp in Philmont Scout Ranch, NM.

Pitch 3




Rappelling can be a climber's favorite time-

or his most deaded. The symbol of a job

well done and the end of the day. Multi-pitch

rappelling provides me more opportunities

as a photographer, as I don't have to

be actively climbing or belaying; I can

just sit back and shoot. Like this shot of a full

harness- tape and everything.

2. tope rope belay.jpg
10. (COV) climb 2.jpg
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